Just targeting Search Volume metrics puts a limitation on service growth and the ability to accomplish conversion goals.

Although Search Volume, likewise called Monthly Search Volume (MSV), is a good sign of a subjects appeal, it does not suggest that this will translate into website sees for your brand name. Depending upon your particular business objectives it may make sense to develop content that targets keywords with a high MSV as part of your material technique, but typically if your goal is to drive more competent traffic to your site then headterms arent the response.
Prior to we enter into the thick of it, lets specify the “MSV” metric:
Keyword Search Volume (MSV) is an estimate of how many times, on average, a query is being looked for in a provided month.
Have a look at this example of MSV data from Google Ads Keyword Planner:

Whats so bad about Search Volume?
Think about elements such as where a user is in their search journey– are they looking for academic information? Possibly they know what they want however theyre still exploring their alternatives.
Ranking for high MSV terms sounds excellent in theory, but in practice its not likely for a website to rank on page 1 for these popular keywords and even if they do, the likelihood that a user is meaning to transform based on such a broad question is slim.
One of the most crucial things to keep in mind about SEO is that simply since keywords are high in regular monthly search volume doesnt suggest they will result in more conversions. It is typically the case that keywords which are considered “long tail” are more most likely to drive goal conclusions.
Lets break Search Volume down even more:.
Big head terms with numerous searches per month are important– however for instructional objectives, not so much for purchase objectives. So if your website is just ranking for educational inquiries, it will be challenging to drive earnings without a robust lead nurturing method..
The same opts for just targeting long-tail keywords– if your brand name does not have any educational content– a user will be less most likely to know your brand name, trust your brand name, or buy..
Even if there are no Ecommerce purchases available directly on your website, these basic rules still use to your conversion metrics
Why is MSV not a fantastic metric?.
Since users today are searching utilizing specific, long-tail keywords when they are seeking to buy.
In line with Googles development far from being a keyword-focused online search engine and towards a topic-focused and semantic engine, the traditional ways of thinking of how to prioritize material are no longer as helpful or relevant.
The problem with basing a content strategy mainly on Search Volume is that many sources of MSV information offer only the keywords that get trackable search volume– which out of the billions of searches that happen every day, is fewer than 10% of whatever people are looking for.
Google is a Business Too …
If you believe about it from a business perspective, its in Googles benefit to serve users with content that fulfills their specific needs each time they browse so that they go back to utilize Google as their primary online search engine.
Google does not care how numerous people are searching for “renter-friendly wallpaper” each month due to the fact that the algorithm is developed in such a method that developing the best user experience for each human using their services is the primary goal.
This is why Google is putting resources into semantic and natural-language processing research– users are browsing with long, particular, semantic keywords and Google knows that the very best way to keep individuals faithful to their search engine is to understand how their audience searches and reward the material that offers them an excellent experience
So, what? Should I just stopped utilizing MSV?
The big takeaway here is that utilizing long-tail keywords over those with a high MSV, to discover the particular words that your target audience is searching for, is a much better method to think about keywords and develop material that drives extra qualified traffic, leading to a higher ROI– whether that be in-store or online.
While it may be a strategic option depending upon the business goal to target high MSV terms, its crucial to understand that the market is progressing and moving further and further far from MSV.
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