He does vlog modifying but invests many of his time working for organizations doing greater end video production. With my vlogs, I do the recording and he does the modifying but many of his work, he does both the recording and modifying. I went through the process of how Jo and I work with the vlog recording, editing and our workflow.

This is a very unique vlog, I talked to the very individual who has been modifying these videos for the previous number of years, Joseph Goldsmith. And we did it neglecting the George Washington Bridge, from the Fort Lee Historic Park, looking out on New York City. In part one of the vlog I ask Joseph Goldsmith about his history and background in video production and the practice of videography. He passes Jo or Jo Jo, so if you see him on the street, you understand how to call out to him. He was born and raised in New York and now lives in Tel Aviv, Israel. He does vlog editing however spends the majority of his time working for organizations doing higher end video production. He went from doing video operate in house for another company and stop his full-time task 5 years ago to go freelance and he is loving it. With my vlogs, I do the filming and he does the editing however the majority of his work, he does both the recording and editing. We went off on a COVID vaccine tangent for a bit – sorry about that however it was fun. You got to learn that I personally know someone who operates at Pfizer, somebody who dealt with the COVID vaccine, and his surname is Needle – no joke. I went through the procedure of how Jo and I work with the vlog recording, modifying and our workflow. The process works efficiently and sending back and forth 70GB files with ease. The amusing thing is while we were speaking about, other vloggers were doing some recording at the exact same time. You can subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking here so you dont miss the next vlog where I interviews. I do have a nice lineup of interviews scheduled with SEOs and SEMS, much of which you dont desire to miss out on – and I assure to continue to make these vlogs better in time. Please fill out this form with your details if you desire to be talked to. Online forum discussion at YouTube.