Over the past couple of days, some of the Google search algorithm tracking tools were reporting big swings in volatility in the search results – hence indicating a possible Google search update. The chatter amongst the SEO industry during that time has been extremely peaceful, showing no signs of an update.So it is tough for me to say there was an update, in fact, it has actually been pretty calm over the past couple of weeks. We did see some minimal signals of an update around February 1st and 2nd and then before that on January 22nd, January 19th and 20th, January 14th, 15th and 17th, then prior to that on January 11th and then it was peaceful until some tremblings in late December. For the past couple of weeks or so, if you leave out February 1st and 2nd, it has actually been very quiet. Many of the tools are showing huge indications of an update, so you ask yourself, what is going on. Here are what the tools are showing, not all are showing it, but many are.Semrush: Mozcast: Algoroo: Advanced Web Rankings: Cognitive SEO: SERPmetrics: Accuranker: RankRanger (I should note, mobile shows 64, desktop 63 and that is when the bar turns from green to orange): But like I stated, the chatter is practically not current out of some people saying that the tools are showing an update. Here is the chatter from WebmasterWorld: Very peaceful and very sluggish today. Semrush sensing unit is hot … Anyone discovering indications of an upgrade today? Im seeing a great increase in Google organic which started the other day – currently at +13% which corresponds with a spike in the semrush sensor (also my semrush individual rating)Yes, that is it given that February 5th … Makes you question if Semrush is off a bit? Possibly? I did see one tweet: Anyone else seeing a substantial shift in rankings today? Many of my keywords are bungee leaping. A major update @rustybrick?– Aquif Shaikh (@aquifz) February 7, 2022 Are any of you discovering any ranking changes?Forum conversation at WebmasterWorld.