Chris Elwell has revealed that the SMX conferences and events run by the parent company, Third Door Media, will stay virtual through 2022. Thats the example were utilizing to assist a return to in-person events,” Elwell said.Personally, I am unfortunate to hear this, not due to the fact that I dont like the virtual occasions, I do. More so that I believe individuals actually love our in person events and also because I hate what this pandemic is doing to our market and the greater neighborhood on so lots of spectrums.
Travel will be disrupted
Lower attendance suggests lower ROI
Expenditures will increasePersonally, I have no say in if SMX goes in person or not – however I applaud conferences that are able to attempt smaller sized events. For now, SMX will stay virtual and ideally we will see an in-person occasion quickly enough – but only when it is safe. As Elwell said: We look forward to the day when we can collect in person to celebrate marketing experts the way we did prior to COVID.