Over the weekend a web designer asked John Mueller of Google for help around why Google was not indexing his site. John took a look at it rapidly and saw the website had AI driven content and then responded that Google should not be hanging around on testing websites when there are other websites that require the support first.John said on Twitter “should we be filtering sites/ pages more powerful like that which are simply created for messing with/ evaluating the algorithms?” Meaning, should Google even be indexing and ranking material that is composed by devices with the function of testing and potentially exploiting search algorithms?John included that he thinks “thats not something which needs to be indexed, and beginning a thread without mentioning the artificial nature seems a bit deceptive.”It was not the intent of the webmaster to misguide, as we discovered later on in the thread but the question that John brings up is interesting. John did say simply a couple years ago that machine written content may be alright with Googles standards at some point. He stated when this AI/ML based content is at a point where it is truly done well, “I believe eventually in the future, we will have to revisit this guideline and discover a method to make it a bit more granular and that it sort of separates between these absolutely spammy usages of auto-generated material and the in fact pretty useful usages of automatically created material,” he said back then.But now, perhaps we are not at that point?Here are these tweets: Is this the first webstory where you utilized that AI-generated material all the method through?– Olesia Korobka (@Giridja) October 16, 2021 Should we be filtering sites/ pages stronger like that which are just created for messing with/ checking the algorithms? Thats not something which needs to be indexed, and starting a thread without pointing out the synthetic nature appears a bit misleading.– & #x 1f9c0; John & #x 1f9c0; (@JohnMu) October 17, 2021 Sorry John I havent revealed myself correctly. Because of its nature however presumably for a technical issue, while we used some NLG for the intro text the Streamlit webstory hasnt been human curated and hasnt been correctly indexed not.– Andrea Volpini (@cyberandy) October 17, 2021 I must have understood seeing how its from you:–RRB-.– & #x 1f9c0; John & #x 1f9c0; (@JohnMu) October 17, 2021 What do you all think?Forum conversation at Twitter.