Mordy Oberstein, Head of Communications at Semrush, shared some truly early information on the Google title change weve all been obsessed with. Simply put, the number of Google search engine result revealing with the HTML title tag on the SERP dropped 77% typically and when that took place, roughly 75% are making use of the H1 rather of the HTML title tag.As a tip, Google stated it still uses HTML title tags for 80% of the queries. I did ask Google many times, what was the use of HTML title tags for titles prior to this modification and have actually not heard back.He published these 2 information points on Twitter this morning. Please note, Mordy only took a look at 2,000 URLs, so it is not the biggest data sample at all.Point One:: Since the end of July the # of results showing with the title tag on the SERP dropped 77% on average!”Point Two: Not all overwrites use the H1 – of the titles being overwritten … approximately 75% are utilizing the H1 instead of the title tag. Mordy did add that “not all overwrites are significant.” He stated “Some simply drop the brand from the title. Many H1s are comparable to the title tags – You cant constantly just “look at the SERP” to see the overwrite.”Mordy also simply added this data that shows “total it appears about 44% of titles on the SERP and title tags match (dataset ~ 3K keywords).” That is far less than the 80% Google said.One nice note: What I am sharing is not to go versus Google in any method … they have a huge data-set … how you parse things can be very various … Its not why Im sharing the data I gathered.– Mordy Oberstein (@MordyOberstein) August 30, 2021 Forum discussion at Twitter.