Aug 18, 2021

Give the new features a shot and let us understand in the comments what else you d like to see in the platform.SERP features in Competitive Research and Keyword ResearchIts been a while given that SE Ranking has actually been able to monitor SERP features for the keywords tracked in your projects. Lets see how you can do it.From now on, anytime you check a keyword in the Keyword Research tool, you see its SERP functions under the Overview and Organic Results sections.Moreover, SERP features are now displayed for all comparable and associated keywords under Keyword Suggestions.Another place where you can now see SERP functions is the Competitive Research tool. Under the Overview section, youll see all the SERP includes that are shown for a variety of keywords that a specific competitor domain ranks for.For example, in the screenshot listed below you can see that the Recipes function is displayed for 5.6 k keywords the analyzed domain ranks for. To see what those keywords are, click the Recipes include tile and youll get to the Organic traffic research study area showing the complete list of keywords that have this feature on their SERPs.Currently, our database covers 33 Google SERP features. Now you can analyze SEO information for: Nigeria: 16 792 426 keywords and 717 996 domainsGhana: 8 325 690 keywords and 298 867 domainsTrinidad and Tobago: 2 634 260 keywords and 166 539 domainsJamaica: 2 408 058 keywords and 231 025 domainsIf you have jobs targeting those markets, your hands are no longer tied!