Google no longer supports time varieties for cook, prep and total times within dish schema markup and structured information assist document. Google stated it eliminated the “guidance about defining a range for the cookTime and prepTime properties in the Recipe documents.” It must likewise note totalTime, because that was included. Google said “Currently, the only supported method is an exact time; time varieties arent supported. If youre currently specifying a time variety and you d like Google to much better comprehend your time worths for cook time and prep time, we advise upgrading that value in your structured data to a single worth (for instance, “cookTime”: “PT30M”).”So if you had varieties, like 10-12 minutes for cook time or other ranges, you will need to change that to a specific time and not a range. It will need to be a single time, not a variety of time, so a single value for a time. This is uncommon due to the fact that the majority of recipes have ranges, I can be making that up, the only dishes Ive checked out are on the back of a Duncan Hines box.The old assistance docs said “you can use min and max as child components to define a range of time” for cooke time, prep time and total time – that has actually been gotten rid of. Here is a screenshot where it stated variety was all right for one of those fields that was changed: Forum discussion at Twitter.