The concerns and answers section is often discovered for local listings local knowledge panel listing on both desktop and mobile but now it is likewise appearing in the Google Maps interface.Allie Margesons group spotted this now in the Google Maps user interface and published a screenshot on Twitter – here is that screenshot: Here is a bit more on this: For a company with no Q&A, theres a timely to ask the declaration and a question “Questions are often responded to by the community within 20 minutes.” Where do you think this estimate comes from? (2/2)— Allie Margeson (@SeoAllie) February 17, 2022 Again, Q&A in local is not new in Google Search, but I think it is new in the Google Maps interface.Not everyone can see it yet, so possibly it is rolling out?I can see it.— Damian Rollison (@damianrollison) February 17, 2022 Q&A in regional is fun, however it is something every business must ensure to look at for their regional listings.Forum discussion at Twitter.