Google sends its team of crawlers, Googlebot, from the United States. That is where 99% of the crawling originates from. If you are not permitted to reveal your website to users based in the United States, then you also can disappoint that website to Googlebot.You can not show material to Googlebot when a user attempting to access that very same page will not see that material from the very same area. Googles John Mueller said it would be against Googles webmaster guidelines to show Googlebot the content but then reveal a United States based user a screen that states they are not enabled to see this material due to the fact that of their place. You can do the opposite, reveal US based users material however hide it from maybe folks in Russia with a disclaimer of sorts, which would not be versus Googles guidelines. Why? Since Googlebot crawls from the US, not from Russia.This is not brand-new, we covered it many times but it turned up again just recently. Here is the recent context:P. S. never ever use location-based redirects. Google primarily crawls from America and you are shooting yourself in the foot.– Billie & #x 1f995; (@BillieGeena) March 1, 2022 That would be versus the webmaster standards.– & #x 1f410; John & #x 1f410; (@JohnMu) March 1, 2022 The normal suggestion is to release something that can be accessed from the US, and to refer to the comprehensive material from there. Its not great, obstructing users isnt excellent, however laws/policies are hard in some cases.– & #x 1f410; John & #x 1f410; (@JohnMu) March 1, 2022 So if you wish to obstruct countries beyond the United States, you can do that, if you desire – simply saying. However you can not block users from the US.Forum conversation at Twitter.