I will be offline entirely for the vacation of Simchas Torah on September 28th and September 29th, Tuesday and Wednesday. Any stories published here will be scheduled and written ahead of time and not posted live. This is the last set of days I am totally offline for a while, so thanks for handling me this previous month.I will be completely offline, so any social media posts, tweets, anything originating from this website or my social channels are all set up beforehand.I will not have the ability to reply to remarks, get rid of spam or break any stories on those days. I will catch up when I return online.Feel free to take a look at the archives or overtake the weekly videos, inspect out the brand-new search vlogs or simply browse the search photos. Oh, and if you have nothing to do, feel complimentary to sign up for my YouTube channel.For more on this holiday, have a look at Wikipedia.For all those celebrating the vacation – have a good one and Ill be back on Thursday.