Peter Norvig, a 20-year Google veterinarian, Google R&D director and former director of search quality at Google, is downsizing from his Google work to sign up with Stanfords Human-Centered AI Institute as a Distinguished Education Fellow.I discussed this news the other day on Search Engine Land and described there that he is still associated with Google however will be investing most of his time at Stanford going forward.The announcement came from Stanford that wrote: Artificial intelligence expert Peter Norvig is signing up with the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered AI this fall as a Distinguished Education Fellow, with the task of establishing tools and products to describe the essential concepts of synthetic intelligence. Norvig helped launch and develop AI at companies thought about innovators in the field: As Googles director of research, he supervised the tech giants search algorithms and developed the groups that focused on maker translation, speech acknowledgment, and computer vision. At NASA Ames, his group created autonomous software that was the first to command a spacecraft, and acted as a precursor to the current Mars rovers.Norvig is also a well-known name in AI education. He co-wrote Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, an initial book used by some 1,500 universities worldwide, and hes taught numerous countless students through his courses on online education platform Udacity. There is a whole interview with him that you can have a look at there.Peter Norvig has been with Google for a long time – I think he wishes to do something brand-new at this stage in his life. It is fascinating he is not dropping his association with Google.Forum discussion at Twitter.