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Invite back to Individuals of Seer: Philly Edition! In this series, youll get to fulfill our team and discover what makes them the very best around (in our humble opinion).

This one is currently well recorded by Wil– > 5 years ago I got odd reaction to a deal & & learned a sad fact about speaking with while pregnant
Have a look at the data only we can offer you on what make Seer a terrific location to work (in addition to Lisa, obviously!).
& #x 1f4a1; Roles from entry level to market veterans readily available in Philadelphia, San Diego, or Remote:.

& #x 1f4a1; Lisa Devieux, Associate Director of Data Strategy & & Nespresso Expert
Where did you mature? If you want to share, what was your youth like?

I matured in a village called Fallston, MD. It was sort of rural-suburban, although its far more developed now.
We were an old-school, mostly-unsupervised band of neighborhood kids that left home in the morning and were back for supper. Your sort of traditional creek-playing in the summer and pond-skating in the winter type of kids. I have two older brother or sisters and we all played multiple sports, did scouts, that kind of thing. My Mom was the president/coach/troop leader of basically all of it and I have no idea how she did it..
I loved my childhood and Im trying to provide my kids the very same mix of liberty & & structure I had.

The times invested volunteering at MANNA with an excellent team.
Squeezing entire Seer customer teams into my partners old 7 passenger to eliminate to customer websites.
Bringing my children into the workplace to satisfy my coworker.
Any and whenever Ive had a random conversation in the corridor with a brand-new team member I simply met all the way up to a few of my favorite Seer folks.
Most importantly is every time I get favorable feedback about someone on my group. The closest thing I can compare it to is being a mama, but I get this outrageous burst of pride viewing my employee grow and succeed
Who are some of the people in your life who inspire you the most and why?

My parents are my heroes for sure..
They committed their entire lives to their kids and their community and it makes me so happy to see them prioritize themselves first lastly in retirement.

Otherwise I d need to bring my cherished nespresso maker, my phone, and my multiple-use water bottle
How did you wind up operating at Seer?

Wow I cant imagine explaining working to an alien let alone at Seer & #x 1f642; When I describe it to individuals outside the digital marketing sphere I normally sum it up like this: you know how companies like to talk the talk?
Seer is the first location Ive been where what you get as soon as you join actually matches what you believed from the outside.
You are stranded on a desert island– what are the three things you bring?

If I asked for your preferred Seer memories, what are some memories that come to mind?

Other notables are:.
My father in law (and before she passed, my husbands grandma)– they came from Haiti and made it through the Duvalier coup, and despite the important things theyve seen first hand, are just the most upbeat, help-others kind of individuals.
My great-grandmother who lived to be 102 and, despite her generation, was as no-nonsense and in charge as you might get. She motivated a lot of my (and my Moms prior to me) mindsets and quirks
How would you discuss what working at Seer is like to … an alien?