Google announced that you now just need a single feed to push all your products to Google Merchant Center no matter the number of countries you support. Formerly, you had to push a feed to display in one of 2 nation groups, now you simply need one feed.Google stated “Merchant Center is making a modification that will streamline revealing your products in several countries.” Presently, Merchant Center permits products to display in one of 2 country groups. Google is combining the nation groups into one international list, enabling you to more quickly show items in all supported nations, the business described. For example, products from a feed with a nation of sale of Spain, formerly would only be able to show to nations in Group A (Austria, Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, and United Kingdom). With the modifications, those items can now be set up to display in any country (not just restricted to Group A as before) where complimentary listings or Shopping ads are readily available.( 1) If you are targeting several nations at the feed level, this will make it easier to use simply one feed per language for all countries. When including additional countries to your feed, you will now see the entire list of countries where your products can reveal.( 2) If you are utilizing the shipping credit to target additional countries, your items may start displaying in additional nations. In addition to permitting you to define shipping expenses at a private product level, the shipping characteristic likewise permits you to specify nations where specific products should be revealed. Some merchants currently have actually configured shipping quality settings for one or more products indicating they wish to show them in nations in both Group A and Group B. If this uses to your item data, with the approaching modification, those items will begin displaying in countries throughout both groups, when formerly they only showed in among the groups. If these products are consisted of in a Shopping project in Google Ads, this might impact your campaign traffic. If you do not desire your products to show in these nations, please upgrade your shipping characteristic information and/or area targeting in Google Ads.You can discover more about this change over here.Forum discussion at Twitter.