I guess they are bringing this back in some type under the name of associated search for content pages.Using associated search on your content pages “can encourage your users to check out appropriate subjects on your website and engage with search advertisements,” Google said.To use associated search on your material pages, you require to complete the needed contracting steps for AdSense for Search. You need to comply with the custom search ads policies and the AdSense for Search policies. You can produce related search units in your AdSense account, design them to match the look and feel of your website, and start utilizing them with an easy code change.Google has a large aid file on this ad system going over the benefits, requirements, how to produce these advertisements, reporting and most significantly the finest practices.Here are some of those best practices:
Location the related search system in a prominent location on your pages to improve efficiency. Please review the requirements for related search.
Ensure theres adequate textual content on your content pages for associated search to carry out well on your site.
Dont evaluate the performance of the related search unit for a couple of days after implementing related search. We recommend that you wait until the model has had an opportunity to optimize efficiency.
You can add the language parameter (hl) to your related search code to ensure AdSense reveals associated search terms in the language you desire.
(Optional) You can likewise offer your own search terms with the terms specification in the related search request. By doing this, you have the opportunity to reveal more appropriate terms to the page or to the users intent.
If youre buying traffic for your material pages (i.e., incoming traffic in which a user gets here at the landing page of the associated search for content system by clicking an ad or a link on another website, and the advertisement or link is under your control), youre required to pass the “advertisement imaginative text” with the referrerAdCreative specification in the related search request.Forum conversation at Twitter.