Google has been putting images and product images in the search results for a while and been testing on and off showing them in the desktop results. Over the past couple of days, more and more are seeing item images in the desktop search result snippets in Google Search.Note, I think this is from the Search On roll out of more shop-able outcomes rolling out more broadly now.Here is a screenshot I can duplicate of Amazon and other sites revealing item images directly in the bits (click to expand): Here are some tweets I got over the previous couple of days of individuals asking me if this is new: Seen today for the very first time: thumbnails and image lists … on desktop. @rustybrick Genric Shopping keyword(All) inquiry: “shoes” Visually browsable search results in 10 blue links #SEO— Abhinav tripathi (@Abbietripathi) November 15, 2021 @rustybrick hi mate do you have a story on these sorts of results?