So we understand Google has manual actions where a website can be affected in terms of how it ranks in Google Search. Well, Microsoft Bing does not necessarily have manual actions however they do something about it against some websites manually. Here is an email from Sunny, an SEO, where Microsoft said they removed a block on a site.The email states, “I enjoy to provide you info that our item evaluation group prospered in getting rid of the block of the site. After submitting your website to be reviewed the group has actually decided to lift the block and now upon examining I could see the site has begun serving in Bing SERP.”The e-mail goes on to state that they are “unable to supply you the specifics of the block as our item review team does not share details of the block.”Here is a copy of the email from Sunny on Twitter: I do wonder if that website sees as great as a ranking after the website block is eliminated, as it did prior to the site block remaining in place. I presume so with Bing … Forum conversation at Twitter.