Every digital online marketer knows getting new eyes on your items is important to growing any Ecommerce company, but achieving this can be easier said than done.
These suggestions will set you and your Ecom site up for SEO success, breaking down how to discover extremely pertinent keywords that can assist you drive qualified organic traffic and eventually get more purchases on your site.
How “Fit” Fits Into Your Keyword Research
Keyword-Intent Fit
Youve most likely heard the traditional digital marketing mantra “Content is key.” In SEO we take this a step even more, understanding that high-intent material is key.
What is search intent? And why is it such a huge offer? Search intent is what Google uses, among numerous other things, to choose what individualss goals are when they search for things using Google..
There are four fundamental kinds of search intent:.
Informational– The user desires to discover a response for a specific concern.
Commercial– The user desires to examine services or brand names.
Transactional– The user wants to finish an action (aka convert). This would be buying a product for Ecomm websites.
Navigational– The user wants to find a specific page or website.
To get the very best efficiency possible for your material, youll wish to make certain its enhanced for terms with the right search intent.
The very best way to do this is just by taking a look at what pages Google is already rewarding for the keywords you want to target. Lets use this example– state youre a skincare brand that desires to rank for “best face cleanser”..

The best part about this (aside from the reality that youre getting insights from the biggest Ecommerce website on the planet) is that Amazon Suggest occupies long-tail keywords. This indicates that ranking for these terms will be less competitive and drive greater transforming traffic– as long as your products attributes match the keywords youre targeting, that is..
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You know you have an all-in-one rockstar face cleanser that can be used by anyone and is for all skin types. You plan to add all the keywords above to your face cleanser product page.
Before you do that, lets take a look at the top-ranking pages for one of these terms, specifically “deal with cleanser for men”.

Notice how each and every single page and product is specifically for guys, highlighting this within the pages titles, meta descriptions, and even product names. Google is rewarding these pages since the items are particular and extremely appropriate to what individuals are looking for..
So while your product might work just as well for males and females– or any human for that matter, if the keyword you choose is even a little bit of a stretch compared to the product positioning and copy on your Ecommerce site, its not likely that your page will end up ranking well..
And if it does, the individuals who search for that term arent going to transform because there are other pages that much better match what theyre looking to buy.
Keyword-Audience Fit.
The finest method to satisfy your consumers where they are at in the organic space, is to browse as they would. This suggests knowing who your target audience is, what they want, and how they d search to eventually find your item..
One last example using our preferred skincare company. Here are some audience concerns this particular Ecommerce website would want to understand the answer to:.
Are my customers price-sensitive?
What age are my consumers?
Are they approximately date on the current skin care trends?
Do they desire clean active ingredients or ethically-sourced items?
What level of education do they have around complicated skin-related ingredients and what they do?.
This exercise is going to look dramatically various depending upon what products your site sells. Regardless, putting yourself in your purchasers shoes is a fantastic way to discover specific keyword modifiers..
Perk Tips.
Use Amazon for Keyword Research.
Now while we enjoy our timeless SEO tools here, they arent feasible or constantly cheap for smaller online businesses. Thats where Amazon Suggest is available in.
You can use Amazon for keyword research just by entering a keyword that explains one of your products into the search bar, which will then occupy a list of tips around that keyword.

While you may desire the product page for your successful face wash to be at the top of this search, Google is ranking pages with Commercial Intent.
This means youll have a far better opportunity ranking a listicle or comparison post for this SERP than an item page due to the fact that users remain in the factor to consider stage of their search journey, and want to be informed on all the finest face rinses there..
As youre putting together keywords to better SEO optimize your site, its a great guideline of thumb to take an appearance at what page types and on-page material is already ranking well..
Keyword-Product Fit.
Now that you understand what page type you need to utilize to match the search intent you desire to go after, the next action would be to discover the keywords with the greatest monthly searches to target, driving heaps of brand-new traffic onto your site? Yes and no.
Yes, its terrific to optimize for high MSV keywords, but search volume isnt whatever. What is more crucial is making sure your target keyword is a perfect fit with what your website offers.
Well keep running with the face cleanser example. Lets state youre doing some light keyword research study for your item page utilizing Google Autocomplete and see discover a load of keywords with high search volume.