Today is Thanksgiving in the U.S. and I am beginning my coverage a bit late and I will try to keep it a bit sluggish today … Here is the Google Doodle for the History of Thanksgiving Google logo for Thanksgiving Day here.Google wrote: The timeless Thanksgiving spread portrayed in todays Doodle intends to capture why there is much to be grateful for this year. Marching to the beat– its all gravy for the yellow potato, yam, pumpkin pie, corn and cranberry! In the spirit of togetherness, take a moment to circulate a favorite dish and reveal thankfulness to a loved one. Its bound to be a fulfilling banquet. Pleased Thanksgiving!Happy Thanksgiving! & #x 1f983; As the holiday season begins, take a minute to give thanks to your enjoyed ones and all that they bring to the table & #x 1f37d; & #x 1f967; & #x 1f33d; & #x 1f360; #GoogleDoodle →— Google Doodles (@GoogleDoodles) November 25, 2021 This post becomes part of our day-to-day Search Photo of the Day column, where we discover enjoyable and intriguing photos connected to the search market and share them with our readers.