In the most recent Search Off the Record, Gary Illyes and Lizzi Sassman from the Google Search Central team had Danielle Marshak, a Google Search Product Manager for Videos, as a visitor on the podcast. Danielle Marshak, who developed a couple brand-new SEO video assistance resources just recently, discussed how Google understands the material in videos.Gary Illyes asked how does Google understand what is in the videos and Danielle described they draw out text and understanding from videos in a couple of ways: Audio from the video file is used to understand what words are being spoken
Characters can be extracted from the video. This includes characters like headings throughout the video to comprehend where sections (important minutes) of the video are.
Visual information can be drawn out, such as motions, animals or objects. Danielle stated this is harder for Google to deal with
Structured data is utilized by Google also in some waysShe said, still make certain to utilize structured data, Danielle said “dont abandon structure information just yet. We love structured data, due to the fact that as we were discussing, even though weve come up until now, were still at the suggestion of the iceberg, in regards to having the ability to really deeply comprehend videos.” She likewise stated they use text from the page to likewise comprehend the video. Structured information is likewise utilized to discover the video as well, and get the video content.One extra thing is that Gary Illyes stated they may utilize short kind video content for the Google aid documents, however not sure yet, and if they do Danielle would help.The great parts of this video starts at about 7 minutes in (yes, skip the cats – sorry Gary). You can listen to it listed below: Forum conversation at Twitter.