Today is the first day of Winter in the Northern Hemisphere and for it, Google has this hedgehog walking through the snow. Did you understand the hedgehogs brother or sister is also in the Southern Hemisphere strolling through the beaches with a first day of Summer Doodle?Here is the Winter Doodle from Google for 2021: Google wrote on Twitter “Todays #GoogleDoodle commemorates the beginning of winter season to those north of the equator & #x 2744; & #xfe 0f; & #x 1f30e; #DidYouKnow? Today is the winter (or hibernal) solstice, a day when the path of the Sun is the farthest south it will be all year in the Northern Hemisphere & #x 2600; & #xfe 0f;”Here is the Summer Doodle from Google for 2021: Google wrote on Twitter “To everyone throughout the Southern Hemisphere: Happy first day Summer & #x 2600; & #xfe 0f; #DidYouKnow? Today, the North Pole moves to nearly straight dealing with the sun, bringing the longest day of the year!”It is cure to see the two Doodles side by side.Hoping you all stay safe over the next season!Forum conversation at Twitter.