“John did add that is best practice to do include a nofollow or rel sponsored to the link, as we covered in February 2020, Google chooses we utilize rel sponsored on affiliate links. John stated “So from our point of view, affiliate links fall into that category of something financial connected to the links, so we really highly advise to utilize this setup. Practically 10 years earlier, Matt Cutts pretty much stated the very same thing: Here is how Glenn Gabe summed it up on Twitter: More from @johnmu: Its absolutely a finest practice and John recommends setting up nofollow and/or rel sponsored for affiliate links, but its not the case that Google would manually take action on those affiliate websites if the links arent marked up: https://t.co/y3zhvVIJbX pic.twitter.com/HSyyZWHBIc— Glenn Gabe (@glenngabe) December 14, 2021 Forum conversation at Twitter.