Googles John Mueller was asked if energy supply types of websites would fall under the YMYL, your money – your life, category and thus need to hold to a higher requirement for E-A-T ideas. John stated, he doesnt have an “outright answer” because Google does not have classifications “hard-coded in the algorithms.”John stated “I do not understand. So I believe for things like this on the one hand, we dont have this like hard-coded in the algorithms, that we try to take a look at for these particular type of pieces of content. So its its not something where we would have an absolute response.”What John is saying that it isnt straight forward to say that a site about energy supply for the home or telecom supply for the home would fall into the YMYL classification. What is interesting is that John said you can evaluate it with your users. He stated “you can ask users directly or you can do like a little user research study or where you might do perhaps A/B testing on your website. Where you have some of your material with an author or some of it without an author and you just kind of see like from practically like a natural perspective do users react differently to this content and based on that make your choice.”The author bit here truly does stand out to me. He likewise suggested that you “look at the quality rater standards and see what type of websites theyre discussing there.” If you believe your material falls under those categories, then it might.This concern came up at the 51:07 mark into the video, here is the embed: Forum conversation at YouTube Community.