Googles John Mueller stated that when it concerns web search, Google does not “look at the specific images on the page” for web search or ranking functions. For image search, Google does but for web search, John stated no. John stated this at the 4:04 mark into the video – where he stated “To be rather truthful. I do not think for web search we look at the specific images on the page and say, oh, this is a great image and this is a boring image. We essentially use those images in image search. And thats where we care what the content of the images are. However within web search we do not actually care if its a gray square or if its an image of a beach.”The concern that cause this response was “will the algorithm understand that there is a meaningful, possibly even useful image, and not just a gray square?” John said “I dont think we care.”Here is the video embed: Here is how Glenn Gabe summed it up on Twitter: More from John: For web search, we dont take a look at specific images on the page and evaluate them. We utilize those images in image search & & thats where we appreciate the material of the images. Within web search, we do not care if its a gray square or a beach:— Glenn Gabe (@glenngabe) October 26, 2021 This appears comparable to when John stated adding images to your pages wont help you rank much better. Online forum discussion at Twitter.