Googles John Mueller stated on Twitter “I dont believe we keep an eye on order of links on a page.” I found that interesting in that Google does treat links to the very same destination with various anchor text in a different way. Although, it is tough to understand exactly what John means by “track.”The concern John was responding to was when “having a link in the header versus the footer, what link does Googlebot look (read) initially?” John responded “I do not think we monitor order of links on a page. That would be an implementation information and not something optimizable.”I dont believe we keep an eye on order of links on a page. If anything, that would be an execution detail and not something optimizable.– & #x 1f9c0; John & #x 1f9c0; (@JohnMu) October 26, 2021 So then Gianluca Fiorelli raises a Google patent named Reasonable Surfer that states “it value more links if they are in popular sections like header navigation and editorial content, and less in others like footer or sidebar,” Fiorelli explained.John responded “I have not in fact read it:–RRB-. Does it mention anything about the order in which links are processed? (I recognize the question might be more in the instructions “value”) FWIW its likewise always worth remembering that documents/patents arent necessarily being utilized like that.”Anyway, this is a fascinating discussion that I desired to highlight.Forum discussion at Twitter.