Googles John Mueller needed to state that links that have UTM parameters, or tracking criterion, added on to the end of the URL, does not make them abnormal links. I frequently wonder where these misconceptions originate from, however he had to explain that those links arent by default considered abnormal links.I mean, they can be unnatural links however it depends upon how the link was added. Google defines abnormal links as “creating links that werent editorially positioned or attested by the sites owner on a page, otherwise called abnormal links, can be considered an infraction of our guidelines.”Adding a URL criterion to a link, like for this post, including? utm_source=newsletter&& utm_medium=e-mail&& utm_campaign=blast&& utm_id=55 to the end of a URL doesnt make it abnormal. Numerous individuals utilize those UTM parameters to better track clicks and projects and often they end up on websites. Google will frequently ignore that stuff after the? utm_source= but in any case, it does not matter.John Mueller from Google needed to state on Twitter “Theyre just URL specifications. The abnormal part originates from them being abnormal links or not. You dont make them natural by eliminating the parameters, and you do not make them abnormal by adding criteria.”Theyre just URL parameters. The unnatural part originates from them being unnatural links or not. You do not make them natural by removing the parameters, and you do not make them abnormal by including criteria.– & #x 1f9c0; John & #x 1f9c0; (@JohnMu) August 31, 2021 Got it?Forum conversation at Twitter.Note: This was pre-written and set up to be published today, I am presently offline for Rosh Hashanah.