A couple of days earlier, we broke the news, that lots of are observing a change where Google is utilizing the header tag over the title tag more often these days for the Google search result bit link. Anyhow, here is Maries tweet: I question if all this talk about Google rewriting title and h tags is linked to this tweet from Oct.Could this be a form of passage based ranking?Ill go back to fishing now. Go over among yourselves: https://t.co/uNGsfH3jNu— Marie Haynes (@Marie_Haynes) August 18, 2021 I looped in Danny Sullivan of Google to validate the two are unassociated: No– Danny Sullivan (@dannysullivan) August 18, 2021 So no, passaging ranking and this header/title modification are not associated.It does appear to be a real and deliberate change on Googles part, as John Mueller of Google commented as such on Twitter: I d love to see examples where things go badly wrong with current modifications, but most of the ones Ive seen so far look pretty reasonable.