A couple of days earlier, we broke the news, that many are observing a change where Google is using the header tag over the title tag more often these days for the Google search engine result snippet link. Some are recommending that this change (which is not that big right now) is related to passaging indexing – it is not.Marie Haynes tweeted about this theory, but it was not simply her, it was a great number of individuals asking me if the 2 relate. The theory is Google is seeking to a specific passage and how it associates with the query and after that pulling the header from that passage and not the title. I get the logic here but my initial thought was no, this is not related at all. Why? Well, again, passaging indexing is about pages that are not well arranged, incredibly long and likely do not have header tags on them. Anyway, here is Maries tweet: I question if all this speak about Google rewording title and h tags is connected to this tweet from Oct.Could this be a form of passage based ranking?Ill return to fishing now. Discuss among yourselves: https://t.co/uNGsfH3jNu— Marie Haynes (@Marie_Haynes) August 18, 2021 I looped in Danny Sullivan of Google to verify the two are unrelated: No– Danny Sullivan (@dannysullivan) August 18, 2021 So no, passaging ranking and this header/title change are not associated.It does seem a intentional and real modification on Googles part, as John Mueller of Google commented as such on Twitter: I d enjoy to see examples where things go terribly wrong with current changes, however the majority of the ones Ive seen so far look pretty reasonable. (Also, I love seeing analyses like yours about these modifications!)– & #x 1f34c; John & #x 1f34c; (@JohnMu) August 18, 2021 But once again, not related to passages.Forum conversation at Twitter.