Google Search is evaluating getting rid of the estimated variety of search results figure you usually see under the search bar after you perform a search query. Google tested this back in 2016 and I guess Google is checking it again.Initially, when I was first outlined this test by Punit on Twitter and then Eli Schwartz on Twitter recently, I believed possibly it was a CSS bug. But ever since, a few other individuals observed it, including Steve Plunket on Twitter and some on Facebook. So I think this is a test.Here is a GIF of it: Here are more screenshots: Google may eliminated about results & & time in SERPCC: @rustybrick— Punit (@Punit6008) December 31, 2021 Number of outcomes missing on “Site:” questions. Is this a test or a bug? cc:@rustybrick— Eli Schwartz (@ 5le) February 24, 2022 Im guessing these are UI tests, perhaps by cookie. Drop some feedback in the link on the bottom:-RRB— & #x 1f410; John & #x 1f410; (@JohnMu) March 2, 2022 The website command is really not that helpful and known to be extensively inaccurate – so I am unsure I care if it disappears … I suspect the projected numbers shown is also super unreliable … Forum discussion at Twitter.