Google is testing utilizing a larger font in the desktop search bar where you type your query. Google was checking this on mobile recently and has been testing numerous font style sizes for many years and Google is checking it once again in the desktop search box.Mordy Oberstein, the “blind as a bat” person who identified this (I think he is finally able to see the inquiry he typed), published about this on Twitter saying “Google has actually been checking a larger font for me inside the Search Box, but just on the primary SERP – Image SERP still the very same size font.” Here is his screenshot that you can click on to expand: I question if Google would be wise sufficient to personalize the font in this box based upon searcher behavior – now that would be cool. If Google might tell based upon who understands what that the searcher has a difficult time seeing – then instantly make the font style size bigger in that search box. Who understands … Forum discussion at Twitter.