You can see sites like the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and niche publishers like TechCrunch and The Verge are not seeing their new released content reveal up in the Google Search results.Update: Google appeared to have a 2 hour concern where it was not indexing new content between around 4:30 am ET and 6:30 am ET on December 16, 2021.– Abhishek Chandra Raj (@abhiraj33) December 16, 2021 I have actually not seen a reaction from Google as of yet.So if you are having indexing problems and your new content is not presently revealing up in Google Search – you are not alone.Google had indexing or display screen problems in June 2020 which was a verified crawling issue and in May 2020, April 2020, we saw it a numerous times last year with numerous cases of this last year however perhaps one this year that was not severe. I wonder how long it will take for this piece of content to show in Google Search.Forum conversation at Twitter.Update: About 2 hours after this concern started, it seems like Google is starting to reveal brand-new content once again: And it took more than 30 seconds for this story to be picked up however after by hand asking for indexing, Google is now revealing it in the search results.Here is the screenshot of the page showing as not indexed according to Google Search Console, it was also not coming up in a site command: But now it is showing up as “8 minutes earlier”: Although as I keep revitalizing it does seem that pages are dropping in and out – I presume it is being fixed now.