Google told us recently that the title change for the search engine result snippets no longer utilizes queries to personalize the title of the search results page snippets. But the search result descriptions, the bits, still are tailored based upon user query.I inquired about this after seeing a video released (ingrained below) by Google yesterday, which was taped most likely months ago, about how the description of the search results can be managed by us. I joked about the language around the query and how the video may run out date even before it was released. However the fact is, snippet descriptions in Google Search, at least since today, still are customized based upon he query the searcher went into. John Mueller from Google shared these 2 queries that bring the very same outcome, with a various description however the very same title. [fishing calendar] vs [whats a great day to go fishing] (click to expand): Here was my joke:@JohnMu the video you men launched today is a week or two out of date:-RRB-— Barry Schwartz (@rustybrick) August 26, 2021 updating videos is hard after they are released, unlike help docs— Barry Schwartz (@rustybrick) August 26, 2021 John reacts: The snippet still changes, so at least theres that. These recordings are always so far back that Im glad we dont have more collisions:-RRB-. I believe we still have some lined up from when we tape-recorded in the old studio, scary stuff.– & #x 1f34c; John & #x 1f34c; (@JohnMu) August 26, 2021 So to clarify and John does: I believed it was simply titles. Https:// vs reveal different bits.– & #x 1f34c; John & #x 1f34c; (@JohnMu) August 26, 2021 So the question does not customize the title of the Google search result snippets but they presently do potentially tailor the descriptions.Here is the video: Forum conversation at Twitter.