I am seeing signs again of yet another weekend search ranking upgrade from Google Search. Again, this is unconfirmed and it is tough to inform what this is from. It might be the tail-end of the Google link spam upgrade, which is not totally done presenting, even as of Friday. Or it may be something new.I am seeing chatter, even over the weekend, in the various online forums. And I am seeing huge variations and volatility reported from the tracking tools, essentially all of them are showing big swings yesterday, Saturday, August 14th. The chatter began to choose up a bit on Friday and through Saturday.Again, Googles Danny Sullivan told me on Friday the link spam update was not done yet however need to be done quickly. I do question if this is associated: Every time you ask, it gets longer:)Seriously, no, its not done. I expect not much longer, however.– Danny Sullivan (@dannysullivan) August 13, 2021 Google Update ChatterHere is a few of the chatter from WebmasterWorld: Yes, we also discover some drop in our health specific niche clientAfter 3 days of normal traffic with lots of sales, we got hit the other day at night again (-50%). Huge drop today.A 32% drop in USA traffic from 8am this morning, but search and direct traffic appear normal. It appears to be originating from lower traffic by means of recommendation links and social media. Possibly people are simply out enjoying their summer season Saturday. Sales have been awful this whole summer…non-existent really, and likewise hearing that its peaceful from pals in other specific niches not associated with mine. Appears like a significant upgrade is being presented, best of luck everyoneUgh substantial drop – hoping its simply turbulance.everything down once again, especially salesBut like with every update Google makes, not everybody is seeing it. However there is good levels of chatter for me to inspect the tracking tools to see if they see an upgrade – and they do.Tracking ToolsMozcast is showing heat: Semrush was quite high on Saturday: RankRanger: SERPmetrics: Cognitive SEO: Accuranker: Algoroo: I understand it is Sunday when I am reporting this however I figured considering that I am going on a household trip today, I get it live ASAP.Have you seen ranking and traffic changes that run out the standard for this weekend?Forum conversation at WebmasterWorld.