There may have been a Google search ranking algorithm upgrade on the smaller side on or around October 26th. There was both some limited chatter on that day, limited in that is was more than the norm but less than a big update. And a number of the tools showed raised volatility on or around October 26th. The continuous WebmasterWorld thread had chatter start around October 26th with problems of ranking shifts in Google Search. Here is a few of that chatter: Traffic was higher and more stable for a while, till today. A jump up in rank is accompanying a big drop in traffic from all english language countries. Browse down 25% at 3pm and direct down 38%. I am not troubling to invest time investigating whether its because of page design or # of advertisements on the page … Google will do what its going to do therefore will I.We are having among the most unpredictable months in regards to (unannounced) updates and serp fluctuations but one of the least active regular monthly threads.For the past few days, new posts are not getting indexed, GSC is showing Discovered, however not indexed. sad Its a 5-year-old website with 1M impressions daily(100K natural traffic). Special content, +1 K words, but still … not indexed. SAD!No, high authority sites were never downranked in my specific niche till really recently, hence the significant shuffle remark.Again, not a flood of grievances but a number of them that is higher than the norm. And we had a very peaceful weekend, which again, is not in the current norm.Here are what the tools are showing: Semrush: Cognitive SEO: RankRanger: Accuranker: Algoroo: SERPmetrics: Mozcast: Advanced Web Rankings: Have you discovered ranking changes yesterday?Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.