He stated if you require to have some sort of direction on what Google Search would consider adult material that may be filtered by SafeSearch, use the content policies help document as a “rough classification” for that.John stated this on Twitter “Theres no unbiased metric for “adultness”.– & #x 1f9c0; John & #x 1f9c0; (@JohnMu) November 1, 2021 The content policies assist document specifies sexual material as “content that consists of nudity, graphic sex acts, or sexually specific material.”I am not sure how helpful that is – however that is what John is stating would filter out content with Googles SafeSearch.Danny Sullivan from Google reacted as well: Thats designed to help us with SafeSearch, so I d look to the page about SafeSearch for guidance: “Explicit results consist of sexually explicit material like porn, violence, and gore.