Google has actually added some information to the Search Console abundant outcomes status report errors. These brand-new details include 5 brand-new mistakes plus better information across numerous mistake types that must be “more actionable” according to Google.Here is the statement, which I honestly discovered really confusing, “Today were adding more details to some errors on Search Console Rich Results status reports to make them more actionable and help you comprehend how to resolve those concerns.” The brand-new detailed errors consist of as Daniel Waisberg explained: Invalid quality string length
Invalid quality enum worth
Void object
Type conversion failed
Out of numerical rangeRyan Levering from Google broadened on that stating “The secret is that its not brand-new errors, just better information on a lot of cross type errors.”Here are those tweets all in one embed: The secret is that its not brand-new mistakes, simply much better details on a lot of cross type mistakes.– Ryan Levering (@rrlevering) October 6, 2021 The abundant outcomes status reports assist file doesnt appear to have a lot more information on what is brand-new, I am not sure if it was updated for these new detailed errors.