Google is emailing through Google Search Console about a new Google Assistant function that will provide users the capability to automatically change their passwords to login to your website in Google Chrome. It says, “in two weeks, Google Chrome will begin to provide some users the capability to automate changing their password on your website using Google Assistant. When this feature is enabled, Google Assistant can carry out the following actions on behalf of the user:”Google Assistant immediately logs the user in with the right qualifications and browses to the account settings page on your website.
The user selects either to utilize a password created by Chrome or to create their own password.
Google Assistant helps the user submit the changed password on your website.Google said this function is “powered by Duplex on the internet.” Google stated you can disable this feature on your site in Google Search Console.Here is a screen shot of this e-mail: The link to the duplex on the web in the e-mail J.J. got goes to this Google assistance file that says Duplex online for Search Console “feature is just readily available if your site is qualified, and you have actually been contacted about getting involved.” If you are eligible, click on this link you can enable it in Search Console.The assistance file has this all under the automated password modification area that states: Enable Duplex on the Web to automate changing site passwords using Google Assistant. Within Chrome on Android, users will have the choice to utilize Google Assistant to automate the procedure of changing their password on your site. You can see a demonstration of the feature recorded at the Google I/O conference.Here is the video demonstration: This has been appearing for me on Chrome a lot over the previous few days: Are these related?Forum conversation at Twitter.