Google today introduced a new API for Search Console – the URL Inspection API. This API lets you programmatically connect with the URL Inspection Tool that you would by hand interact with within Google Search Console, but with code. SEOs and developers are super excited about this new API – as you d imagine.You can access the URL Inspection API over here, the actions you d obtain from the API would tell you the index status, AMP, rich results, and mobile usability of any URL you have validated access to in Google Search Console. There is an API quota that restricts you to 2,000 queries daily and 600 questions per minute. So it is not unrestricted use and you will not be able to run this API across all your URLs every day, a minimum of not if your site has a thousands of pages.I like how Fabrizio Ballarini summed up this on Twitter: Not more ranking tools and scraping a phony SERP to validate whats indexed. Indexing API has actually been my most wanted function for many years since we have actually been launching lots of pages and inspecting indexing its so vital for website owners. Thanks a lot @googlesearchc for listening & #x 1f64f;– Fabrizio Ballarini – Hiring (@Pechnet) January 31, 2022 You can inspect if obstructed by robotics or if indexed. If you can make API calls at scale, this is going to make most spiders and tools less helpful. Whats better than genuine data from Google. Same chooses canonicals and other stuff that comes by means of URL inspection tool.— Fabrizio Ballarini – Hiring (@Pechnet) January 31, 2022 I guess at this phase more beneficial for examine modifications vs daily check of indexing at scale across million of URLs which is something we would enjoy to do on component that dont change via CMS.– Fabrizio Ballarini – Hiring (@Pechnet) January 31, 2022 Indexed yes/no works or robots alert yet part of the indexing challenges we face revolve crawl and now indexed when dealing with large sites. Would be really helpful to know more prior to indexing.That said its something we can get to if combine server logs.– Fabrizio Ballarini – Hiring (@Pechnet) January 31, 2022 So have a good time with the API, it can be very useful in numerous cases, I can see this being added to heaps of CMS platforms and SEO toolsets in the coming weeks.Forum conversation at Twitter and WebmasterWorld.