In May 2020, Google added a core web vitals report (to replace the speed report) in Google Search Console. The report now seems to show more granular scoring information on a URL group basis under the “example information” section on the best bar after you click a particular URL group in the report.Oliver H.G. Mason posted on Twitter that there is now “more granular information when you select a URL under the Core Web Vitals report in Search Console.” You can access this in the core web vitals report in Search Console, and after that clicking into the information on a URL group.Just to be clear, this is not URL by URL but by URL Group which is how Google assigns concerns. Google said “a concern is assigned to a group of URLs that supply a comparable user experience. This is due to the fact that it is assumed that efficiency problems in comparable pages is probably due to the same underlying issue, such as a common slow-loading feature in the pages.”Here is the screenshot of these information: These numbers are not for private URL however are for the “URL group” (as seen in the screenshot). Need to utilize the CrUX API or PageSpeed report to get core web vitals for individual URLs (when available).— Punit Sethi (@geekybiz) October 7, 2021 This might be handy for some of you that focus a great deal of this report.Forum discussion at Twitter.