Google said it is now promoting more regional news in its search results page and news results, including top stories. Google said they would be doing this previously this year and in 2020 began doing this specifically for COVID news. Danny Sullivan, Public Liaison for Search at Google said it is improving local news in Google Search in three primary ways:-LRB- 1) More regional news not just for COVID news, Danny wrote Google will “soon see a carousel of local news stories when Google discovers local news protection appropriate to their inquiry.” (2) Google will show more local publications even for nationwide stories. Danny composed “also been dealing with improving our systems so authoritative regional news sources appear more frequently along with nationwide publications, when pertinent, in our general news features such as Top Stories.”( 3) Google stated it is getting much better at regional news, saying it has “improved the local news experience by improving our capability to understand topics beyond simply broad locations, like sports, to narrower subtopics, such as football and high school football.”The example, if youre in Detroit and search for football, well now show you results for local high school and college teams, rather than just showing you results for, state, the expert team.Google is likewise emerging tweets by regional, authoritative sources and authors, including tweets from wire service: And Google likewise launched some tools for reporters (or content marketers if you will). More information on those tools over here.Forum discussion at Twitter & & WebmasterWorld.