Googles John Mueller stated once again that websites do not have some kind of quota where they can only rank for a minimal number of keywords. He stated on Twitter “theres no difficult limitation for the number of pages we show from a website, subdomain or not.”This is a topic we covered before, back in 2016 Google stated there is no traffic quota and Google does not throttle traffic to a site. John did add that if you are attempting to complete versus yourself for the very same set of keywords, then it gets tricky. I indicate, why develop several pages to attempt to rank for the exact same word, usually (however not constantly), the most you will see are 2 outcomes from your website. So if you want to see 5 of your pages ranking in the same search engine result page, that might not be an excellent strategy.John said “Regardless, from a tactical perspective, if youre taking on your own content, youre going to have a more difficult time against stronger competitors.”But in regards to a website being capped at just having the ability to rank well for a set variety of keyword expressions, that simply does not exist. There are limitless opportunities for your site to rank for endless keywords.Forum conversation at Twitter.