Google has stated that the Google Search Console abundant results report for item structured information now offers more granular levels of mistakes. Google said beginning September 29th, “Search Console now supplies more granularity in mistake reporting for Product structured information items.”Because Google has modifications the errors it might display in this report, you may see your products rich result report look a bit various from the historic data, prior to September 29, 2021. Google stated “as a result, numerous problems involving inaccurate formatting that were previously marked as void things are now marked more particularly with void type or format classifications.”You must see an annotation on the report on September 29th or 28th I think, here is a screenshot from a random Search Console profile I have access to with this report: You can see the annotation on the right that when you hover over it, it states “An occasion has actually occurred in Google Search that might affect your sites information.”So you may see more beneficial and helpful errors in this report to help you debug product structured data going forward.Forum discussion at Twitter.