Martin Splitt from Google said it is not essential to have all your sites functionality operate like it would for a user, when you are prerendering for GoogleBot. He stated you do not have to stress over this for Google Search purposes.The concern was asked on Twitter where Andrew Cilio asked “when prerendering for Gbot, does all site performance need to work as it would for a user? Does contribute to cart need to in fact contribute to cart? Does the mobile menu need to open when clicked?”Martin Splitt responded “Not for Google Search.”Not for Google Search.– Martin Splitt & #x 1f489; & #x 1f489; (@g33konaut) September 1, 2021 The 2nd part of his concern was do you need to have these aspects work for GoogleBot when prerendering? “Testing and the material remains in the DOM, but does not “work” when you go to open the hamburger menu for circumstances on pre-rendered version. Some things like “read more” and dropdowns do not work. Will this be an issue for indexing and/or ranking?”The answer was no.No.– Martin Splitt & #x 1f489; & #x 1f489; (@g33konaut) September 1, 2021 Forum conversation at Twitter.