Google has actually upgraded its Google Shopping and Google Ads policies to open the sale of masks once again on Google Ads and Shopping. Google said it has “figured out that it is now suitable to enable N95 masks in the U.S. and a selection of approved N95-adjacent masks (KF94, kn95, and ffp2) worldwide to be noted on our Shopping ads and complimentary listings.”As of the other day, August 31, 2021, Google started to allow authorized merchants and suppliers to list N95 and surrounding masks on our Shopping ads and free listings to assist make them offered to non-medical healthcare workers and other vulnerable consumers who can not access them through the medical supply chain.In March 2020, Google stopped enabling the sale of numerous masks on Google Ads or Google Shopping. But times change and masks lacks are not truly a substantial concern these days.Google is using third-party business to validate who is permitted to sell these masks: N95 Adjacent Masks (Global): Google Merchants will be required to make an application for approval to list KN95s, FFP2s and KF94s through LegitScript. LegitScript will require extra information on the merchant, supply chain and for particular products will need an independent laboratory test be conducted for credibility of claims.
ProjectN95 (US-only, to begin): Google Merchants will be needed to request approval through ProjectN95, Google said Project N95 is the leading quick reaction not-for-profit organization that serves as the National Clearinghouse for important PPE and diagnostic tests.
Through ProjectN95, producers will be needed to share more details on their service, supply chain and offer paperwork of relevant medical accreditations (i.e NIOSH).
ProjectN95 likewise adds an extra layer of vetting by reserving the highest-performing surgical N95s for healthcare employees, while providing basic N95s to customers.
Google stated this makes sure N95s are being directed to the most crucial populations initially and is in positioning with federal guidance. Merchants and suppliers will need to look for approval prior to their deals can be noted in order to reduce the threat of fake masks being sold. The application process for both paths will need providers and merchants to provide service and item info for evaluation. Apply here for N95 listing approval via Project N95 and apply here for N95-adjacent listing approval by means of LegitScript.Forum discussion at Twitter.