Here is an enjoyable podcast from Googlers John Mueller, Gary Illyes and Martin Splitt on the future of SEO. The group discussed HTML, JavaScript, web app, structured data, crawling and maker created material and learning. In brief, it didnt seem like much will alter in SEO in the future however perhaps there are opportunities for modification with artificial intelligence and crawling and indexing. Also, maybe when it concerns images, Google will rely less on alt text and text around the images and more on visual algorithms. The most significant modification, I believe they all settled on, was on machine composed content and the future there, but we just blogged about that.It deserves a listening too, espesially interesting hearing their ideas on crawling and if that might be replaced by a push solution like IndexNow, which Google just recently said it will test.Here is the audio and records: Making predictions about the future in a time when whatevers various than before looks like an actually risky thing. Oh well, what did we wind up stating? Is SEO dead yet?:–RRB-)– & #x 1f9c0; John & #x 1f9c0; (@JohnMu) November 11, 2021 Forum conversation at Twitter & & WebmasterWorld.