Lily Ray asked John Mueller of Google what does one do if the author of a piece of content does not desire their name on the material due to the fact that of fear of being bugged or worse. Must you leave the author byline off or will it injure that page in regards to ranking.Here is Lilys question and it is unfortunate to see some individuals hesitate to put their name on material they think in. This is the world we live in. Next concern for @JohnMu considering that Ive been asked lots of times by clients: How should publishers manage E-A-T best practices associated with exposing author names and bios, if doing so puts the author in risk? Some authors get death risks and prefer to publish anonymously.– Lily Ray & #x 1f60f; (@lilyraynyc) September 15, 2021 John reacted that it is basically best to have the author byline on the short articles due to the fact that users will trust it more but you can do what you need to do.Its not a requirement to include author names, however it is an excellent practice. If you cant do it for all material, so be it. If you cant do it for any content, and its all basically “trust us”, then I do not know how users are supposed to handle that.– & #x 1f9c0; John & #x 1f9c0; (@JohnMu) September 16, 2021 Some might make up an alias for the author to protect them however would that harm or assist with trust? Online forum discussion at Twitter.