Recently, Google announced the rollout of the November spam upgrade, which Google said targeted kinds of content spam. Glenn Gabe stated it may have targeted masking content spam that had links injected because cloaked content.Glenn stated he spotted a minimum of (maybe more) two sites that saw big declines in indexing after the rollout of this November spam update and they both have the exact same issue, they both have lots of cloaked material with links on their sites.Here is the first example he shared on Twitter: In addition, a query that yielded tens of thousands of spammy pages w/cloaked links now just returns 1 page (see screenshot). The Nov Spam Update seems to be working … If youve seen many spammy links leading to your website, examine them today. They might be gone.:-RRB-— Glenn Gabe (@glenngabe) November 5, 2021 Here is the second example he shared yesterday on Twitter: Continuing the thread on the November Spam Update, heres another site that was deindexed with the very same exact spammy content with cloaked links. Google is plainly going after that (with excellent factor). The site tanked on 11/3, was deindexed, 10K+ pages now return 0 in the index.— Glenn Gabe (@glenngabe) November 8, 2021 I am uncertain if this suggests that November spam update simply pursued cloaked content spam with links in it or it targeted larger problems where these two example websites likewise were struck. I am just not exactly sure. Did you see examples of websites get hit hard by this November spam update?Forum conversation at Twitter.