It seemed to have a more substantial upgrade than the previous spam updates.Here is the Google announcement about the rollout and when it finished: This upgrade is complete. Some suggested that it tackled cloaked content spam of some forms however it was most likely wider than that.Here is what the tracking tools showed over the previous week or so: Mozcast showed high changes here and there, espesially on the 3rd: Semrush had spikes throughout: SERPmetrics didnt reveal much in this date range: Accuranker showed many spikes throughout this time frame: RankRanger was reasonably calm: Cognitive SEO revealed a spike on the 3rd: Algoroo revealed a blip on the 3rd and 11th: Advanced Web Rankings revealed a huge change on the 3rd: Weve reported on lots of numerous unofficial updates because this verified update, but the last verified update was the link spam update that rolled out between July 26, 2021 and August 24th – which was four weeks long, when Google said it would take 2 weeks to roll out. Prior to that was the July 2021 core upgrade, Spam part two upgrade, Spam part one update, Page experience upgrade, Predator upgrade, June 2021 core update and products evaluate update.I did ask Danny yesterday morning if it was done, so he did reply: Yes— Danny Sullivan (@dannysullivan) November 11, 2021 I hope none of you saw huge decreases with this update.Forum discussion at Twitter.