Google has now gotten rid of the site supervisor role or user rights level for Google My Business users. Now I see 3 levels; (1) main owner, (2) owner and (3) manager. Google sent out e-mails informing about the removal of the “website supervisor” function going away.Those with Site supervisor roles will be designated the manager role after October 24th. Both Joy Hawkins and Brian Shumway sent me copies of this e-mail alert on Twitter. The e-mail says “site manager role is going away.” It goes on to state “youre receiving this email since one or more of your Business Profiles is managed by a Site supervisor. After October 24, 2021, the Site supervisor function will no longer be available on Google. Anyone who handles your service as a Site supervisor will be transformed to Manager. Supervisors have the ability to make additional changes to your Business Profiles on Search, Maps, and other Google services. If you wish to get rid of any Site managers from your Business Profile prior to his change takes place, you can manage who has access to your profiles by heading to”Here is a screenshot of this e-mail: Previously, Google called the Site supervisor as a neighborhood supervisor. Here was the approvals back then: Forum discussion at Twitter.