We covered that Google revealed the LGBTQ+ friendly on some organizations back in 2020 but Google included labels like this in 2018 but honestly, I have never seen this “crowd” attribute in my organization profile in Google My Business and many of us have not.Here is what I see under the details section after you modify your qualities: Here is what it might look like if you inspect them off, as we covered in 2020: Andrew Bullimore spotted this and posted it on Twitter and Claire Carlile noted she didnt see all of this before either: launched in 2018? Personally, Ive never ever seen transgender safespace in a service control panel until today – https://t.co/tcCoYjHy0w— Claire Carlile & #x 1f54a; & #xfe 0f; & #x 1f30a; & #x 1f951; & #x 1f9a5; (@clairecarlile) October 20, 2021 I am not the only one who believes the “crowd” section is new: Youre right – Crowd in a new one to me too, however wasnt 100 per cent sure.